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Riordan Pet Hospital

Riordan Pet Hospital has been the preferred veterinary hospital for Des Moines family pet owners since it was founded in 1951 by Dr. Robert Riordan. The Riordan Pet Hospital is well known and respected throughout central Iowa as a state of the art veterinary medical facility designed specifically for dogs and cats.

As a family-owned veterinary practice, we understand and agree that dogs and cats are an essential part of your family and deserve the highest quality medical care. That is why our veterinary clinics in Des Moines and Ankeny have invested in the latest technology available for veterinary care, including advanced laboratory testing for blood anaylsis, radiological / x-ray scanners and a full pharmacy for all of your pet’s health care needs.

We welcome you to visit our clinics and meet our experienced veterinary team of Doctors and Veterinary Technicians. We lookforward to meeting you and your pet family members!

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Our Doctors

Photo of Dr. Dennis Riordan

Dr. Dennis Riordan

Dr. Dennis Riordan received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State University in 1981. His interest in animals was inspired by his father, Robert, a Des Moines veterinarian, and his mother, Elizabeth, who tolerated the many critters brought into the house. He wasn’t the only one in the house with an animal aptitude as 2 of his brothers are practicing veterinarians, one of whom he works with at Ankeny Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Terry Riordan).

His professional interests include small animal medicine and surgery as well as zoo and wildlife medicine. Dr. Riordan was the consulting veterinarian at Blank Park Zoo for 18 years while he was practicing in Des Moines. He has practiced at Ankeny Veterinary Clinic since 2004.

His interests outside of practicing veterinary medicine include wildlife photography (some of his photos are displayed in the clinic waiting room) and wildlife conservation. He has been active with the reintroduction of osprey and peregrine falcons into the native habitat of Iowa. He enjoys consulting with the DNR regarding wildlife issues. He has lived in Ankeny since 1999 with his wife Carolyn (the practice’s business manager) and their 3 children, Conor, Deaglan, and Fiona, as well as their multiple pets. He currently has no social life as his children are very active in Ankeny community activities. Family time often involves camping, hiking, and bike riding.

Photo of Dr. Terry Riordan

Dr. Terry Riordan

Dr. Terry Riordan followed his grandfathter, father, and two brothers into the veterinary profession. After graduating from Iowa State in 1990 he practiced in Phoenix, Arizona for 13 years. During that time he served one term on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association (AzVMA). He also served on the Executive Board of the AzVMA as Secretary/Treasurer and Vice President.

For 13 consecutive years he was a member of the Arizona Academy of Veterinary Practice which requires a minimum of 50 hours of continuing education per year to be a member. In 2003 he was granted the Veterinay Service Award from the AzVMA for his contributions to the profession.

In September 2003 Terry returned to Central Iowa and joined his brother Dennis in managing Ankeny Veterinary Clinic. Since returning to Iowa he has served as Treasurer and as President of the Greater Des Moines Veterinary Association. Terry and his wife Janean have two children, Maddie and Daniel.

Photo of Dr. Kurtis Garton

Dr. Kurtis Garton

Dr. Kurtis Garton received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University in 2013. While earning his degree, Dr. Garton worked at Riordan Pet Hospital as an assistant for 7 years. After graduation he moved to northern Missouri and worked in a shelter that doubled as a low cost clinic for the surrounding community. While there he developed an interest in surgery and wildlife rehabilitation. After working for a year and a half he was presented with the opportunity to move back to Des Moines, his hometown. Dr. Garton was excited to be working with the Riordans once again. He now splits his time between the two clinics in Beaverdale and Ankeny.

During his time spent outside of work Dr. Garton enjoys time outside with family and his two dogs Remi and Patch. His hobbies include fishing, hunting, camping, kayaking, scuba diving, and hiking.